Summer Camp 2018 Update

Painting, soap making and rock mandalas are just a few of the fun projects we have had the joy of teaching this summer.

Everyday has been filled with activities that engage children with a diversity of interests and allow them to express their creativity. Here are just a few photo’s from summer camp so far.


During camp each child creates their own Art Journal. This journal allows them to express their creativity, make notes on projects and so much more.

Once camp is over they have a usable journal that they can refer back to if they want to create any of the projects again after camp.

Join Us for The Last Couple Weeks of Camp!

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Stacee Gillelen

Mother of four, artist, and founder of Dragonfly Designs. After my second daughter was born, I left my career in banking and fell in love with the art of jewelry making, and found that I just couldn’t stop spreading the joy of it to others.

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