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Watermelon Bracelet Party Bracelet Making Kits

Jewelry Making

Watermelon Bracelet Party Bracelet Making Kits

Fun, Creative Watermelon themed Birthday Party Activity for only $2.00/guest

Cost: $30


  • Makes 15 Bracelets
  • 5 Templates for proper sizing + reverse side shows how to add a clasp, measure & close the bracelets
  • A color-coordinated assortment of beautiful, high-quality glass beads in an organizer kit [small butterfly organizer]; green – 500 beads #6, red 250 beads #6, 150 black fringe beads [for seeds]
  • 3 piece Pliers Set – Round nose, chain nose, flush cutters (all projects can be completed with these pliers alone)
  • 100 crimp beads
  • 15 ready to bead bracelet strands
  • 15 extension chain