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Bling Fling – San Diego

Bling Fling

All-Inclusive Bling Fling Party Package includes:

  • 1.5 hours of unlimited jewelry making
  • Evite party invitation template
  • Precious party favor pouches
  • 3 sparkle-savvy party hosts to facilitate
  • TONS of fun!


  • $350 for up to 10 Participants
  • $445 for up to 15 Participants
  • $625 for up to 20 Participants
  • $22.50 for each extra Participant
  • $30 for each extra Participant added day of the party
  • For parties with 19 -24 participants, an additional party host will be added at $50/hr. Contact us for larger parties.
  • For parties with 25-30 participants, 2 additional party hosts will be added.
  • For smaller jewelry making parties, consider hosting your own DIY event with one of our ready-made party kits.
  • See service area tab for a complete list of service areas & travel fees.

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