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Bead Stopper

Refill Kit

Bead Stopper™, stainless steel, 7mm.

Cost: $8 (Sold per pkg of 8)

Bead Stopper™ brand mini coils work to prevent accidental spills by securing the ends of your jewelry-making beading wire while stringing beads. We find these bead stoppers especially helpful when you are stringing multiple strands of beads at the same time. Each bead stopper can hold up to ten strands at once! Stainless steel construction means this highly reliable metal resists rust, tarnish, oxidation and corrosion.

How to Use Bead Stoppers:
Step 1: Squeeze the two end loops together to separate the coils.
Step 2: Insert the end of your bead stringing material into a coil.
Step 3: Release the two end loops to secure.
Step 4: When finished stringing, squeeze the end loops together again to release your cord ends.