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7/29-8/2 – Burlingame – Art & Jewelry Making Camp in Mandarin

Language Immersion Through Art - In Mandarin

Art & Jewelry Making Design Camp in Mandarin

What better way for your child to engage in the vocabulary of a new language then through tactile engagement with art! Our immersion camps will expose children to new vocabulary through dynamic modes of self-expression. Our camp options are lead by native speakers in the target language in a full immersion environment. Because there’s no better time for cognitive retention than learning a language at a young age, we offer classes and camps taught in Mandarin to children age five to 12. An understanding of art and language expands worldviews and fosters an appreciation for cultural diversity. These camps are appropriate for children who attend immersion schools and would like to practice the target language when school is not in session.

Burlingame Parks & Rec hasn’t posted the link to register yet but we will add it as soon as they do. Please check back with us!