Who We Are

Dragonfly Designs is a full-service virtual art experience company specializing in corporate team building and events, client appreciation, life’s special occasions, and art classes for adults and children. We offer artist-designed projects in painting, jewelry making, embroidery, clay, and more. The majority of our virtual experiences come with an art materials kit that is shipped to each participant. We also offer stand-alone DIY Art Kits for those that want to be creative at their own pace.

Our DIY Art Kits come with all the materials, tools, and instructions needed to create a variety of art projects. These kits are currently created in our studio by our team and available to ship worldwide.

We are in the process of expanding. We want to provide on-demand and membership options for our art kits and need your help.

What We Need

We are looking for a Product and Packaging consultant that will help guide us through the process of package development, production, quality control, research, purchasing, and distribution. We want to explore a variety of design options and sustainable packaging. We had to pivot our business model in 2020 and are new to this side of the business. We are looking for a consultant and partner who is passionate about design and bringing creativity to the lives of the clients we serve.

Here’s where we need assistance:

  • Packaging design to support our materials in innovative and cost-effective ways
  • Packaging that works for retail stores, subscription memberships, gifts
  • Manufacturing kits overseas
  • Packaging differences for wholesale vs. consumer
  • Understanding 3PL distribution – Our end goal is to move production of our art kits out of our studio and to a 3PL facility. First, we need to ensure our products are suited for this next stage

If you have experience with packaging, sourcing, and 3PL, we’d love to chat!

Apply for Position

Packaging Engineer

    We are looking for someone with multiple years experience in the field. Please only select the areas in which you have a proven track record.
  • feel free to list a range; please do not list “negotiable”
  • Personality Test

    Please take a moment to complete this free personality test . Your results can be emailed to stacee@dragonflyfun.com

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