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Agnes is the Studio Manager at our South San Francisco studio! She designs the curriculums for all of our camps and afterschool classes, trains, and mentors our teachers, keeps our whole staff up to date with new projects to try out, helps out with marketing and content creation, and when she is not doing all that, teaches textiles and jewelry!

Her favorite part of the job is reliving her own experiences of learning a myriad of skills at art camps as a child. Her favorite project to teach is anything related to embroidery – she never fails to be amazed by how focused kids can get while doing needlework! She had learned how to cross-stitch from her mother when she was a child, but it didn’t “click” for her until adulthood. She had a chunk of time where she was finishing a project for her Bachelor’s Degree and ended up spending the majority of her free time embroidering. By the end of that time, she had created a large, gorgeous embroidery piece that cemented a deep love of needlepoint that has stayed with her. She loves embroidery so much that she’s even created an Instagram account specifically for it! You can follow her at @urban.sorceress.embroidery

When not at work, Agnes enjoys stitching away at her own embroidery projects, visiting art museums, and listening to live music all over San Francisco – which is not surprising, given her background in art theory and music journalism. She also has a deep love of travel, and wants to visit every continent someday (yes, including Antarctica)!

Agnes’ story is a unique one – while she was born in Kingsport, Tennessee, she actually grew up in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary. She feels very lucky to have roots in both Europe and America and is excited to be back in the States to explore both nature and culture here. Her father and younger sister still live in Budapest, and she loves the fact that she’ll always have a place there to call home. 

Agnes received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, also in Budapest. She’s participated in art shows, curated other art shows, and when she graduated she even co-taught a University course! She was going to start her Master’s Degree there, but when Dragonfly Designs offered her a long-term job, she jumped at the change! This wild gal packed up her whole life in Budapest and moved to San Francisco in 13 days time. Yes, you read that right. 13 days. (Are you hyperventilating at the thought? Just us?) Her strength knows no bounds, and it’s fully evident in how she carries herself, how eloquent she is, and how seamlessly she has fit into the fabric of our employee culture and company infrastructure.

While pursuing her undergrad, she co-taught a University course with Hungarian artist Henrietta Szira about the different layers of meaning behind the word “Mania,” which resulted in a group exhibition in Budapest by 15 different artists. Agnes even co-curated that exhibition! She exhibited her work in this show, and a year before that took part in another group show with a large-scale textile installation.

The latest work of hers that was shown publicly was in the Burlesque show at the San Francisco School Of Needlework and Design. She wrote about art, design, and music on different Budapest based platforms (design is so, KERET, Hetedik Sor Közepe) and wrote her thesis on “Subcultures and Loss of Meaning,” in which she examined how capitalist systems feed off of counter-cultures and artistic communities, through the example of the punk movement. 

Before she got into the art world she studied fashion management at ModArt International for two years, during and after which she worked at countless fashion shows, and spent a year working for the Hungarian couture house, Luan by Lucia!

Her favorite quote is from Andy Warhol: “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

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Mother of four, artist, and founder of Dragonfly Designs. After my second daughter was born, I left my career in banking and fell in love with the art of jewelry making, and found that I just couldn’t stop spreading the joy of it to others.

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