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Make an Ombré Watermelon Bracelet

Ombré is arguably one of the most satisfying color trends to pop up in recent years. To put words to this color trend, ombré describes objects that have tones of a color that shade into each other (Google). From hair to earrings to cake, we’re always glad to gaze at the gradient! There are definitely certain colors that clash when compared (like gray and gatorade green) but as long as you keep an eye on the color wheel ombre operates in your favor. After our favorite trend planted the seed of an idea in our minds, we took a summertime approach to it and out grew a watermelon (only figuratively of course)! What do you get when you combine ombré, watermelon, jewelry making, and Dragonfly Designs? The perfect craft for any intermediate/beginner beader – the multi-strand ombré watermelon bracelet! Not only is watermelon best in the summertime but its colors also sit almost perfectly opposite on the color wheel!

From fuschia to a delicate pink, and from jade to mint, these bracelets showcase the best of the ombré trend. Unwind and let the creative juices flow alongside the summer cocktails (maybe a frozen watermelon margarita?). Embrace the spirit of the season with this tasteful bracelet, perfect for any adult or intermediate beader who wants to express their classy creativity. We can’t wait to see the wonders you create with this watermelon inspired design!

This Frozen Watermelon Margarita might just help get your creative juices flowing…

Frozen Watermelon Margarita Ingredients

– 5 cups cubed, frozen watermelon (seeds and rind removed)
–  1 cup silver tequila
– 1/2 cup Cointreau or triple sec
– 1/2 cup fresh lime juice
– 1/4 cup sugar (for simple syrup)
– 1/4 cup water
– Watermelon slice garnish (optional)


1. Heat the sugar and water in a sauce pan over medium heat until the sugar dissolves

2. Blend the frozen watermelon and simple syrup together until smooth.

3. Add the remaining ingredients and blend into slushy texture

4. Add garnish and enjoy!

Materials Needed For Ombré Bracelet:

– five strands of flexible beading wire [brands include: accuflex, beadalon, soft flex],
– lobster clasp and extension chain
– two crimp beads
bead stopper (optional)
– two different shades of pink (one lighter and one darker) of Czech glass size 11 seed beads, and three different shades of green (light, medium, and dark) of Czech glass size 11 seed beads

Click here for our Ombre Bracelet kit

A note about the size of the seed beads: in our sample, the two pink colors are size 8 seed beads so they’re slightly larger than the green seed beads we used, and this was because those were the beads we had on-hand. You can follow our example and use different sized seed beads or use beads that are all the same size.

Steps for Making an Ombré Bracelet:

1. Measure your wrist, or the wrist of the person you’re making the bracelet for and line it up against the measuring chart to check for proper sizing

2. Cut five strands of size .014 or .015 diameter; 21 strand flexible beading wire [brands include: accuflex, beadalon, soft flex] so that they are 2-3″ longer than the beaded line on our measuring chart, and secure one end of the five strands with a bead stopper.

3. Before you start beading, divide the line on your measuring chart into fifths and mark each fifth on the chart.

4. To start beading, use the dark pink shade of seed beads on each strand of flexible beading wire altering the number of beads on each strand. You don’t want every strand to have the exact same number of dark pink beads because you want there to be a natural progression of colors. 

5. Next, you’re going to start gradually adding in the lighter pink seed beads, you do so by taking 1 to 3 beads of your second color and stringing them on, then put two more of the dark pink seed beads on. Staggering them to get the ombré effect.

6. You should be fully transitioned to the lighter pink, and now you can bead to the second mark on the measuring chart.

7. Repeat the third step when it’s time for you to work in the green seed beads that you’ve chosen

8. Remember to measure your bracelet on your wrist by securing each end with a bead stopper or tape before finalizing it with the clasp & extension chain to make sure you’re not making it too long or too short. Adding the clasp increases the length of your piece by about 1”

9. Finally, use one of your crimp beads and the clasp to finish off the side without the bead stopper, then use your second crimp bead and extension chain to finish off your Watermelon Ombre Bracelet!

To continue the fun, try it with other color hues as well!

Send us pictures of your finished project on social media @hellodragonflyfun! Watermelon is always better when you share!

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