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Lunch & Learn


Take a creative break with us!

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A Lunch & Learn is a fun, casual gathering where colleagues can socialize, have a bite, and discover something new! A Dragonfly Designs Virtual Lunch & Learn is a creative break and a great way to blow off some steam in the middle of the day.

Why You Really Need a Creative Break

Creativity isn’t just for artists and Type B personalities. Everyone can benefit from putting their imagination to use, even if it’s for a few minutes each day. Top companies have already figured out that fostering a creative work environment offers many advantages:

  • Improves Teamwork and Bonding
  • Encourages Fresh Ideas and Sharing
  • Retains Quality Staff “This is a great place to work!”
  • Increases Productivity and Heightens Problem-Solving Skills

For individual workers, feeding your brain creatively offers personal benefits as well:

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety
  • Sparks Enthusiasm and Engagement
  • Helps You Connect With Co-Workers
  • Gives You the Skills Needed to Get Ahead

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