Kombucha Bottle Decoration

Kombucha + Bottle Charm

‘Tis the season for a slew of parties and holidays! We have a DIY project that makes a wonderfully unique gift for a host/hostess on Thanksgiving, an office party exchange or your neighbor that’s always on top of it. This year, when she rings your doorbell you’ll have something ready! Not only is it more meaningful to give a handmade gift, it also doubles as a fun holiday craft for your family. These bottles and charms are so pretty you’ll want to do an assembly line.

kombucha bottles & decorated ribbon

 It may sound like a cool new dance move, but kombucha (kuhm-boo-chuh) is actually a fizzy, fermented tea beverage. It’s become a hot trend but this drink is believed to date back 2,000 years. I began drinking kombucha before it was on every grocery store shelf (often at $5 a pop)! I love the reported health benefits like probiotics for the GI tract, disease-fighting antioxidants and all of the great stuff that’s already in green tea! I quickly realized it would be more cost effective to start making my own. I enlisted the help of my creative son, Jake (hello, he once made an airplane completely out of styrofoam) and we started experimenting.

First, we needed a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), which are readily available online. Think of it like a coral reef in the ocean – it provides a living place for the bacteria and yeast to hang out while it transforms sweet tea into kombucha. We had so much fun trying out different flavor combos like Cinnamon & Apple, Cayenne & Lemon and Ginger & Honey. We put our concoction into clear glass bottles to showcase the beautiful color and added bottle charms which are, well, charming!! Bonus: this is the gift that keeps on giving because your SCOBY will keep growing – which means more kombucha.

 We are excited to share our special recipe* as well as instructions for making the cinnamon stick and beaded flower charms. We know your family and friends will love receiving a gift that is not only made-by-you, but that also shows you care about their health and wellbeing! 

DIY Homemade Kombucha Recipe & Beaded Bottle Charm Instructions


*It’s important to follow the recipe carefully and keep equipment and your hands sanitary during the process. Kombucha is a fermented drink and contains a very small amount of alcohol (usually no more than 1%).

Materials Needed for the Beaded Flower Bottle Charm

– Flush Cutters

– Wire (cut 60cm/24 inches of 28ga dead soft wire)

– Size 6 Seed Beads (3 colors)

– Size 11 Seed Beads (1 color)

– Cinnamon Sticks (recommended)

Step by Step Instructions for the Beaded Flower Bottle Charm

1. To get started on your Beaded Flower Bottle Charm, cut 60cm of wire. Then place six, size 6 seed beads in the middle of the wire, bringing the ends of the wire together to be sure the beads are in the center.

Step 1 Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

2. Take on end of the wire and run it back through the beads to create a loop.

Step 2 Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

3. Pull the end of the wire so the beads are in the middle and turn into a circle formation.

Step 3A Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

Step 3B Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

4. Place one size 6 seed bead on one of the ends of the wire, then add five size 11 seed beads on top.

Step 4 Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

5. Now run the wire back through the size 6 seed bead you just put on and then through the next seed bead in the circle. Pull the wire.

Step 5A Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

Step 5B Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

6.  Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each petal.

Step 6A Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

Step 6B Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

Step 6C Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

7. When you reach the last petal, finish the flower by going into the last of the center beads.

8. Place one size 6 seed bead on one of the wires to make the center of the beaded flower.

Step 8 Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

9. Place the wire directly on the other side through the two seed beads in the circle across from the wire.

10. Tie off the wire by wrapping the closest petal three times.

11. Use the extra wire to wrap around your cinnamon sticks or bottle.

Step 11A Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

Step 11B Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

12. Add a ribbon or another way to attach this to a bottle and you’re done! You’re all set to give your thoughtful gift!

Step 12 Beaded Flower Bottle Decoration

How did your Bottle Charm + Kombucha handmade gifts turn out? Who will be the lucky recipients? Please share with us on social media!

DIY Homemade Kombucha Recipe & Beaded Bottle Charm Instructions