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Marketing and Brand Strategy Project Manager

Part-Time (Remote)
Marketing and Brand Strategy Project Manager (Integrator Role)

Job description

Company Overview

Welcome to Dragonfly Designs, a resilient woman-owned Mobile Art Experiences & Classes company that has been sparking creativity since 2005. In the face of challenges, we’re seeking a passionate and dedicated Part-Time Remote Marketing and Brand Strategy Project Manager to join our collaborative team. Having successfully pivoted to virtual offerings during the pandemic, we are now in the process of rebuilding our in-person business and striving to return to pre-COVID revenue levels. Dragonfly Designs offers Mobile Art Entertainment for celebrations and engaging team events, Afterschool Art Classes, School Break Art Camps, and DIY Kits. We remain committed to creating memorable experiences and are proud to have maintained a 5-star rating for the past 19 years. Our commitment to high-touch customer service and providing opportunities to engage in creativity has never wavered.

Position Overview

This is not just a job; it’s an opportunity to make a significant impact on a small, woman-owned art business navigating the challenges of rebuilding after the pandemic. We’re seeking a results-driven, collaborative doer to join us on our mission to turn things around and drive revenue through strategic marketing efforts. This part-time remote role offers flexibility for the right candidate—someone passionate about art, adept at managing projects on a budget, and experienced in reinvigorating local business presences. If you’re ready to lead with action, prioritize results, and bring positive change to a small but passionate team, we want to hear from you.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Revenue-Driven Marketing:
    • Develop and execute marketing strategies to drive revenue, focusing on innovative approaches tailored to a small budget.
    • Reinvigorate Dragonfly Designs’ presence in both San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego through targeted marketing initiatives.
  2. Collaborative Team Leadership:
    • Lead a collaborative team with a hands-on approach, emphasizing action steps and results.
    • Foster a culture of creativity and teamwork, ensuring every team member plays a crucial role in our turnaround efforts.
  3. Event Entertainment Bookings:
    • Prioritize and drive the promotion of existing Event Entertainment packages, showcasing tried and true offerings that resonate with our target audience.
    • Develop targeted marketing campaigns to boost the visibility and sales of established event packages.
  4. Local Market Knowledge:
    • Understand the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego market dynamics, implementing strategies to drive more parties and events and reinforcing our presence in our primary target areas.
  5. Budget Management:
    • Develop and manage marketing budgets, ensuring cost-effectiveness and a positive return on investment.
    • Implement creative solutions to maximize impact within budget constraints.
  6. CEO Vision Implementation:
    • Work closely with the CEO to align marketing efforts with the overall vision for Dragonfly Designs.
    • Translate the vision into actionable steps, ensuring the team is focused on key priorities.


  1. Passion for Small Business Revitalization:
    • Demonstrated passion for helping small businesses thrive, especially in challenging times.
  2. Marketing and Project Management Experience:
    • Proven experience in marketing and project management, with a focus on driving revenue and achieving results.
  3. Collaborative Leadership:
    • Strong leadership skills with a collaborative and hands-on approach.
    • Ability to motivate and inspire a team toward common goals.
  4. Hospitality Background:
    • Previous experience in hospitality, particularly in driving bookings for events and celebrations.
  5. Local Market Knowledge:
    • Strong understanding of both the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego markets. Preffered but not required.
  6. Commitment to Customer Service Excellence:
    • Uphold Dragonfly Designs’ 19-year history of 5-star customer service, ensuring client satisfaction remains a top priority.
  7. Remote Work Capability:
    • Able to work remotely with flexible hours, adapting to the needs of the role and the business.