In Full Bloom

Beautiful cascading flowers on a twig? Yes, please! This project has such a romantic, bohemian feel and is lovely wall decor for spring, summer or all year long! Use your favorite flowers, plants and textiles (a great way to use up leftover fabric).


– Wooden Dowel / Twig
– Scrap fabric / Yarn
– Assortment of flowers (like eucalyptus, lavender, wheat, wildflowers)
– Embroidery floss


– Scissors

STEP 1: Prepare your foliage and have at least three different varieties of flowers that dry well with little to no wilting (like eucalyptus, lavender, wheat, and wildflowers). You can either buy the flowers pre-dried or dry them ahead of time by leaving them in a vase with no water for a couple of days, or let them dry out while on the dowel. Precut the fibers you plan to use. Precut the fibers you plan to use. *Tip: it is easier if the dowel/twig is suspended.

STEP 2: To tie the fibers to the dowel we will be making a cow hitch knot. To begin, fold your length of cord in half and place the folded loop in front of your dowel/twig. Pull the loose ends up and through the loop and pull tightly to secure the knot. Repeat.

STEP 3:  Wrap one end of the embroidery thread tightly around the stem of the foliage.

STEP 4: Tie a knot using the other end of the embroidery to attach foliage to the dowel/twig. You can wrap each stem or create a bundle and tie them together.

STEP 5: Finally, to hang your piece you will attach a cord to each end of the wooden dowel/twig. You can either do two cords, one on each side, or one long cord that you tie to each end of the dowel/twig.

STEP 6: Once you’ve finished creating your Wall Hanging, cut your bottom edges. We created a “V” shape to give it a more interesting and finished look. Display your new, pretty decor on a wall in your home.

Make a second one to swap out for the seasons! (Imagine deep orange leaves for autumn). These Floral Wall Hangings also make beautiful decor for a bridal or baby shower!  If you are in the creative zone and want more DIY, visit our blog for dozens of free tutorials! If you prefer guided instruction and connecting with other crafters, check out our Virtual Party options.

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Stacee Gillelen

Mother of four, artist, and founder of Dragonfly Designs. After my second daughter was born, I left my career in banking and fell in love with the art of jewelry making, and found that I just couldn’t stop spreading the joy of it to others.

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