Happy Mother’s Day

Dragonfly Designs has been busy creating Mother’s Day art projects with children in our after-school enrichment programs. Today, we take you behind the scenes for a glimpse into our world.

All families are different and for some of our students, this might be a difficult time as they may not have mother or might not live with their mother. Some children might have two moms, or two dads or any combination of the above. We have been working to support all of the kids & all types of families by calling it “Special Person Day”.

‘Wool Felted Beaded Necklaces’ taught at Katherine Delmar Burke School in our Textiles & Fiber Arts class. 

It’s a beautiful project that presented some learning opportunities for the children. They really had to stick with the felting process and practice patience, persistence & perseverance until each felt bead was formed.

Thoughts from our Studio Manager, Summer

I see many similarities in this project to my experience of raising my children. In the moment, it feels like it will never become as you desire… then you look back and see the progress, the time, the effort it took to create/shape/support your child into becoming something amazing & beautiful!

As adults, we might also have varying emotions around Mother’s Day. Some might not live close to their mother, their relationship with their own mother might not be as desired, some might have lost their mother. Some are mothers now, others might want to be a mother one day and some might now want to become a mother. It’s all so complicated, right?

What does it mean to have or be a mother? What are some similarities to having or being a “special person” for another human? Age is relative, as all humans need support, love, care and connection.

I believe that a ‘special person’ can provide the foundations to help a child grow, thrive and become their true authentic self. Being a special person in another person’s life has a lot of similarities to being a mother.

Traits of a Special Person or Mother

‘Embroidered Totes’ taught at the Chinese American International School Textiles & Fiber Arts Class

  • Positive Attitude
  • Exhibits Creativity
  • Ability to Inspire
  • Has a Sense of Loyalty
  • Has Patience
  • Takes Responsibility
  • Has Determination
  • Is Trustworthy
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Practice and Promote Honesty

As we approach Mother’s Day, look for these traits in other people (and your own mother) and also take a moment to see how you, yourself can embody these traits for others. A child may only need a moment of a genuine smile, a moment of patience to support their growth, a moment of connection to feel supported. In the end, that’s the most important gift, we teacher’s can provide.

I hope Sunday comes to you in any meaningful way your soul requires, either with your own mother, family, chosen family, or friends. At the end of the day, connection and application for the special people in our own lives should be our desired goal.


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Stacee Gillelen

Mother of four, artist, and founder of Dragonfly Designs. After my second daughter was born, I left my career in banking and fell in love with the art of jewelry making, and found that I just couldn’t stop spreading the joy of it to others.

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