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Meet Minh!

Minh is one of our art teachers here at Dragonfly Designs! That’s his technical title, but he refers to his position as being an “art journey partner and helper.” That attitude is part of the reason we so greatly value his presence here at Dragonfly Designs! He brings this depth of compassion and conscious consideration to every interaction with not only children but to his fellow staff and to the parents of children. On top of this amazing attitude and outlook, Minh has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University. He’s currently working on his Master’s in Fine Arts, and plans to be done by the end of this school year! (Go, Minh! We’re cheering you on!)

He says his favorite part of his job is inspiring people to create art and to have fun doing it. That’s a tricky thing to teach efficiently! Not only does he focus on physical ability, but he helps kids focus on their mental processes and emotional well-being. He says his favorite activity to do with the kids, thus far, is helping them create their jewelry. You’ll find him running around, invested in each and every kid and their unique creations. It’s a joy to watch.

Minh loves to give back to the community, and he has spent much time as a volunteer art teacher at the Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center, and at the City Impact School. Both are in our beautiful, local San Francisco Bay Area community!

Outside of work, Minh is a painter. He specifically enjoys painting en plein-air, which means he likes to paint outdoors in the actual landscapes and environments he is trying to encompass in his art. When he’s not painting and honing his artistic craft, he loves to travel and spend time with friends — both new and old.

We sat down with Minh this week to learn about his journey with art:

According to Minh, he was a fairly quiet child. He was an introvert and preferred to spend time with his illustration cards and comic books. He always wanted to create material like them. His love of art was built on a foundation created by those moments. As he grew up, he found himself examining aspects of life that other people didn’t stop to notice or ruminate on. He says he found himself analyzing how trees move differently in wind, how the smallest change of light can change color, how people interact with one another in different settings, etc. Its this internal study of the world around him that fuels him to capture the world in his own way. He says that learning to appreciate and enjoy art is the best thing that happened to him in his life — and now he thinks the best thing he can do is to share it with the world!

He plans to continue being a professional gallery teacher, but his dreams are so much bigger than that! His dream is to open a center where anyone — kids and adults alike — can go to create art and where art students can congregate and network with one another. He believes that we as people can always learn so much from one another, and in the case of artists, we can learn so many fun new ways to think about and create art!

We asked Minh what his favorite quote is, and he said:

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Picasso

Our favorite recent story about Minh:

The admin team just recently received this email from one of our other teachers —

“I thought I would share this: today, in the morning session of camp, I introduced Minh to the class and told them a bit about him and his wonderful painting and art. One student immediately went to get her art journal and asked Minh if he would draw her.

This photo is of them together, and it was an amazing experience! She will have this portrait drawn by an art teacher in her art journal forever!”

(We have to say, this made our hearts pretty ridiculously happy.)

If you want to get to know Minh better, visit his website at!

His most recent works are a study of food and culture through multiple mediums — Minh loves food and the connections we make through the beauty and expression of food!

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