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DIY Sequin Ornaments

Two blue and purple glitter ornaments on a marble table.

Make Your Own Sequin Ornaments!

Learn How To Make Your Own Sequin Ornaments!

When I was a child I’d find myself mesmerized by the glistening, handmade sequin ornaments hanging from my grandmother’s tree. Outside of the holiday season, she kept them piled high in carved wooden bowls as tabletop centerpieces. It was always a treat when she’d take them out and we could look at them together while she shared stories of making them with all of us children. Her versions of the classic sequined ornaments were fancy and incorporated layered velvet, ribbons, tassels, fancy beads, pins & sequins in a variety of colors to transform a simple styrofoam ball into a work of art that she treasured for a lifetime. Those memories have stuck with me, and in memory of her and her passions, I set out to find a way to share this lasting treasure with all of you & the children that we teach at Dragonfly Designs!

This is the perfect artistic endeavor for a fun holiday family craft night, a children’s sleepover or a girls night in activity!  When my friends saw these samples they asked for their own special ornament as their Christmas gifts! It certainly is much more personal than buying something at a store. Gifts like these will be treasured for a lifetime!

Now it’s your turn — I’ve laid out all of the groundwork, and it’s time for your creativity to run wild! Here is our detailed guide to creating your own sequin ornaments!


– We used 2” styrofoam balls [Pro Tip: Select any size or shape styrofoam you’d like! We also decorate have fun using this technique to decorate egg-shaped styrofoam pieces for sparkly Easter eggs]
– Dressmaker pins [a packet of 750 pins makes approximately 2 2” ornaments]
– Seed Beads
– Sequins
– Velvet Ribbon to hang if you’ll use this as an ornament – or simply fill a glass jar with your gorgeous creations.

This craft does take some time to complete, but this quick video will show you how to craft ornaments like a pro! Once you get in the swing of sequin stacking, you’ll be whipping through these like a seasoned wiz! This is the perfect craft for anyone age six or older who are looking to make something beautiful, reusable, and memorable without breaking the bank!

Watch our Video Here:

We know you’re busy and we’re here to help! Sometimes it’s easier to click a single button and have all the supplies you need, delivered to your doorstep.  We’ve created DIY Kits in a variety of beautifully coordinated color pallets. Our kits contain everything needed to make two sparkly keepsake ornaments. Now you can have that fun craft night party activity wrapped up in a jiffy!

We work with young children at Dragonfly Designs and we took a simpler approach to this classic craft but we want to hear from you! Share your ideas & suggestions for adding extra adornments, as my grandma did, and please post photos to inspire others in the comments below!