DIY Beaded Mask Chain

Do you find yourself constantly pulling your face mask up and down or searching your purse for it as you go about your day? Are your kids misplacing their masks left and right? Our Beaded Mask Chain is the solution to your mask woes. This handy lanyard can attach on one or both sides of your mask , just like an eyeglass holder that hangs on your neck when you aren’t using it. Plus, it adds a fashionable touch to your PPE!

If you want to skip a trip to the craft store, our DIY Beaded Mask Chain Kit has everything you need and we’ll send it right to your door!

Materials Needed

– Two 14mm Lobster Clasps
– Two 6mm Jump Rings
– Two 4” Chain
– Crimp Beads
– 18” Beading Wire
– Beads
– Chain Nose Plier
– Flush Cutter Plier


Step 1: Grab your lobster clasp and chain, and using a jump ring and chain nose plier, link the clasp and chain.

Step 2: String your crimp bead first, then your chain.

Pro Tip: It’s best to wait to add your clasp until after you have completed your design. The reason for this is that when you add the clasp you can only remove beads to fix mistakes or adjust the design by taking them off of one end of the beading wire. If you use a “bead stopper” on the end of the sting, it’s easy to slide beads off of their side when you want to make adjustments. Imagine if you’ve added your chain and lobster clasp and beaded 16” of beads, then you notice a mistake in your pattern and need to take ALL of those beads off ! With the “bead stopper” method, you simply take off the stopper and slip off the necessary beads, fix the design, and re-string.

Step 3: Put the short string through the crimp bead, affixing the chain in a loop. Cinch the crimping bead close to the lobster clasp, but not right up against it. You want it to be able to move freely so that it doesn’t wear away at the flexible beading wire and eventually break. Crimp that bead! Here’s what your crimp bead and chain should look like.

Step 4: String your beads! Have fun with the patterns and colors. We are using a fun rainbow pattern here.

Step 5: Once you’ve reached your desired length, grab another crimp bead, chain with the clasp, and your chain nose plier!. Put the crimping bead on first, then your chain.

Step 6: Loop the remaining bit of your flexible beading wire through the crimp bead (making sure the extender chain is affixed in the loop created), then put the bead string through a couple of the beads that nestle up against the crimp bead.

Step 7: Take your flush cutters and neatly cut off the excess wire. Way to go! Now, your mask will always be handy, stylish and clean)with your Beaded Mask Chain!

We’d love to see your mask lanyard! Post a photo of what you created and share your ideas and questions in the comments below!

These are such a thoughtful gift or stocking stuffer. You’ll want to have several on hand to give to your child’s teacher, grandparents, friends or a neighbor! For more great DIY (and handmade gift ideas), visit our blog for dozens of free tutorials! If you prefer guided instruction and connecting with other crafters, check out our Virtual Party options!!

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