Create paper roses

We love paper roses as a Valentine’s Day gift for mom, aunts and grandmothers, and as home decor. Paper roses are easy to make and turn out much more chic than the simple instructions suggest. They require limited supplies—just some craft paper, a pen, scissors, and glue!

This is also a great project for kids (and adults!) because it doesn’t require perfection. In fact, some variation in the size and shape of the roses gives them a more natural look.

We created a garland with our roses by hot gluing them on small gauge wire, but for younger kids, tape or craft glue can be used to adhere the roses to yarn or string. Paper roses also look beautiful as stemmed roses when glued to a stick or a green pipe cleaner.

Paper Roses
Craft paper – (We chose red for traditional roses, but consider colors like pink, peach, or yellow!)
Elmer’s glue
A blue or black pen
Hot glue gun and glue (optional)
Silver 26-gauge wire (optional)
Wooden skewers or pipe cleaners (optional)

1. Using a pen, create a spiral on the craft paper. For our roses we used about a 4” inch square of the craft paper for our spiral, but included some variation in size to make smaller and larger roses.
2. Follow the lines to cut out the spiral.
3. Create the rose by rolling up the end furthest from the center of the spiral. Roll the center of the rose tightly and loosen up the roll as you reach the center of the spiral.
4. Once you reach the circle at spiral’s center, flip your rose over and use Elmer’s glue affix the circle to the inner rolls of the rose.
5. Let the glue set for at least an hour.
6. To create a garland use a glue gun to glue the back of the roses to 26-gauge wire, or use Elmer’s glue or tape to adhere the roses to yarn or string. To make stemmed roses, glue or tape the back of the roses to a green piper cleaners or wooden skewers.