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  • Meet San Diego Staff

    Fly Girl Profile – Evelyn

    Spending her days trying to escape the desert heat, this Coachella Valley native stayed cool by binge-watching TV shows at home or hitting the best sushi and ice cream spots in town with her friends and family. Now that the beach is her backyard, she’s able to enjoy spending time outside with friends and sometimes … Read more

    • Kara
    • 23 Feb
  • Meet San Diego Staff

    Fly Girl Profile – Krystie

    Meet Fly Girl Krystie Driven by the ability to create and inspire, Krystie has a moving passion for all things art. If she’s not jammin’ out at concerts, mapping out her next road trip, or getting her steps in on long beach walks, this Psychology major is hitting the books. Her future plans post-graduation include … Read more

    • Kara
    • 16 Mar
  • Meet San Diego Staff

    Fly Girl Profile – Roxana

    Meet Fly Girl Roxana A traveler at heart and lover of all things history, Fly Girl Roxana is currently a student at UCSD pursuing a degree in Anthropological Archaeology. She one day hopes to work for a museum or the government pursuing her life-long dream of preserving history and artifacts from war torn countries. Before … Read more

    • Kara
    • 30 Mar
  • Meet San Diego Staff

    Fly Girl Profile – Shannon

    Meet Fly Girl Shannon – You’ll be sure to find Fly Girl Shannon in the ocean surfing or just soakin’ up the San Diego sun outdoors. As an artist by trade, she found a true passion exploring different art forms and took on fun hobbies such as Ariel skills, sewing, painting, and woodworking! There’s no … Read more

    • Kara
    • 12 Apr
  • Meet San Diego Staff

    Fly Girl Profile – Blanca

    This dogless dog-lover has a true appreciation for content creation and the strategic use of puns. As a recent graduate of Communication, Blanca naturally fell in love with the marketing and merchandising field and is finally fulfilling part of her career goals. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Whether it’s … Read more

    • Kara
    • 26 Apr
  • Meet San Diego Staff

    Fly Girl – Brittany

    Fly Girl Brittany A graphic designer by trade and a perfectionist at heart. This fly girl is always coming up with fun and unique ways to capture a customers attention. Her favorite part about working at Dragonfly Designs is her ability to tell a story through her work and collaborating with others to create the … Read more

    • Kara
    • 14 Jun