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  • Behind the Scenes

    Happy Mother’s Day

    Dragonfly Designs has been busy creating Mother’s Day art projects with children in our after-school enrichment programs. Today, we take you behind the scenes for a glimpse into our world. All families are different and for some of our students, this might be a difficult time as they may not have mother or might not … Read more

    • Kara
    • 13 May
  • Behind the Scenes

    Keep Calm & Summer On

    Once again June is here! I have so many memories as a child of the long awaited month of June. With June came the end of the school year and the summer holiday. The ability to sleep in, wander, see lots of movies in the theater, go to the beach, daydream, see friends, ride my … Read more

    • Kara
    • 05 Jun
  • Behind the Scenes

    Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Father’s Day! At Dragonfly Designs we are focused on art education. When you work with children and youth, you can’t help but to have such an immense appreciation for the families of those children. I sent out a newsletter in honor of Mother’s Day last month, and this month we get to enjoy Father’s … Read more

    • Kara
    • 18 Jun
  • Behind the Scenes

    Happy 4th of July

    Dragonfly Designs thrives and functions on a very simple idea: we love sharing things we love with people we love. In fact, we love it so much, that we found a way to do it for a living! So, in the spirit of sharing some of our love with all of you, we wanted to … Read more

    • Kara
    • 02 Jul
  • Behind the Scenes

    Summer Camp 2018 Update

    Painting, soap making and rock mandalas are just a few of the fun projects we have had the joy of teaching this summer. Everyday has been filled with activities that engage children with a diversity of interests and allow them to express their creativity. Here are just a few photo’s from summer camp so far.   During camp … Read more

    • Kara
    • 24 Jul
  • Behind the Scenes

    Summer Camp Wrap Up

    As our summer camps come to a close, we wanted to touch base with all of you and celebrate what a creative and joyful summer we have had! As all of you know, we are changing the way that we teach art, jewelry, and textiles here at Dragonfly Designs. This summer of San Francisco based … Read more

    • Kara
    • 14 Aug