This individual will work directly with the CEO across a broad range of projects and functions. You will oversee/lead sales and operations teams. It will be your responsibility to develop metrics and use metrics to help the CEO with planning and decision making. Be a thought partner for the CEO and be willing to provide ideas and even pushback.

The core duties of the role will be:

  • – Project Management: With the help of a team you would make an idea a reality. From concept to execution you can manage all the moving parts and multiple tasks at one time. Ensuring we hit deadlines and execute on the vision. An idea could be implementing a new procedure, determining how to be more efficient, reporting, etc.
  • – Customer Service: Ensuring client issues are being addressed by the operations team. Be available to help troubleshoot and make decisions on how to proceed.
  • – Efficiency: Always looking for ways to streamline and improve the sales and operations process.
  • – Provide reports on sales performance to the CEO. Includes creating reports, analyzing what the data means and generating ideas to hit sales goals.
  • – Create success metrics that drive performance toward financial gain and client satisfaction

Desired Talents

  • – 3 PL Distribution/Fulfillment for Physical Products
  • – Experience Building a Membership Program

Personal Attributes

  • – You love working with systems and procedures to get things done in the most efficient and consistent way
  • – Being plugged into the big picture of a business excites you
  • – You’re great at jumping into the ‘online biz’ chaos and getting it sorted out
  • – You’re capable of delegating, communicating with, and taking responsibility for a virtual team
  • – When you hear a great idea, you naturally start thinking about the steps it will take to make it happen
  • – Looking for an individual with exceptional drive and organizational skills.
  • – The ability to communicate with technical personality types internally and externally
  • -You are able to engage in healthy debate. You love roundtable discussions, value cognitive diversity and know the end goal is to find better solutions for all involved
  • – Proven ability to work without heavy direction and deliver exceptional results
  • – Able to work in a highly fluid environment and re-prioritize quickly as situations require
  • – Ability to successfully manage a team


  • – 5-10 Years experience in sales support, or project management
  • – Strong quantitative/analytical skills

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