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Meet Hanna

Hanna is one of our videographers, sparkle savvy fly girls, and camp teachers here at Dragonfly Designs! She says her favorite part of the job is pretty dang simple — she just loves spending time with all the kids! We can relate! It’s so easy to be invigorated and inspired by the creative minds of kids! She says her favorite activity to do with the kids is to add hair feathers to their hair for them! She loves seeing them get excited about something as easy as jazzing up a hairstyle!

Outside of work, Hanna loves to read, run, and watch films. Hanna has a Master’s in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art! She majored in Motion Picture and Television. She loves anything film related! She loves movies so much that she started a Weibo account and spends her time there as a film critic with over 60,000 followers! That’s some dedication!

Hanna’s favorite quote is:

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Stacee Gillelen

Mother of four, artist, and founder of Dragonfly Designs. After my second daughter was born, I left my career in banking and fell in love with the art of jewelry making, and found that I just couldn’t stop spreading the joy of it to others.

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