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Meet Danyang

Danyang is one of our art class, party, and camp instructors. He’s got a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and a Master’s of Fine Arts! He is highly educated and making it his purpose to give that education to the growth of children! His favorite part of the job is seeing kids make unique artwork using their own creativity and then combine that with the experience and skills he taught them. His favorite art project to create with the kids thus far is our Halloween Inchies project! In this project, we use different materials to create Halloween oriented things, such as pumpkins, bats, and witches. Kids get to create different shapes and expressions — Danyang says it’s fun to watch them insert their own creative spin on the organized project!

Outside of work, Danyang enjoys creating graphic novels and watching movies. he has been drawing for over 10 years, and he loves it! He also loves painting! Many of Danyang’s artistic works were completed in one day. He tends to stay up late at night finishing his art because he believes if he puts the unfinished work to the next day that it will block his creativity. That’s dedication for sure!

Something that’s inspired Danyang lately is his recent experience at a boutique curiosities store called Paxton Gate. He gets so inspired by what they have to offer there. There are different animal specimens, minerals, and fossils with different colors and textures. They are really unique and interesting. He sees the beauty of the specimens from another angle and he admires the beauty of nature and creation even more than before.

His favorite quote is “In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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