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Make a pinwheel that spins

Pinwheels add cheer to a lawn or can be used in planter boxes on the front porch as a way to welcome guests. They’re easy to make following the instructions below and a fun afternoon craft with kids. There’s no need to pick up additional supplies because this project uses common household items like a pencil, paper, scissors and a pin.

The best part about this pinwheel is it actually spins in the wind! A sewing pin is used to secure the points of the pinwheel and instead of a dowel, and a few beads are strung on the pointy part of the pin before it’s inserted into a pencil easer. You can even use left over beads from you Bead Kit!

We used a glue stick to decorate our pinwheel with confetti. Light bounces off the metallic pieces of the confetti when the pinwheel spins which creates a fun effect, but there are lots of other decorating options. Try using rubber stamps or watercolor paint. Make sure to decorate both sides of the paper before folding the triangles to center point to create a colorful pinwheel.

Follow the steps below to make this fun springtime craft!

8.5 x 11 paper. Printer paper is easy to fold, but if you plan to use your pinwheel in a very windy area, cardstock is sturdier.
A dressmaker or glass head pin
Pencil with eraser
Two to three beads (use left over bead from your Bead Kit!)
Pinwheel decorating supplies

Steps: (numbers correspond to the images below)
1. Fold the top left corner of the paper to the lower right side to form a square. Cut off the small rectangle portion underneath the fold.
2. Your square will have one fold in it. Fold the paper the opposite way to create one large triangle.
3. Take the top and bottom points of the triangle and fold them to the right point of the triangle.
4. Your square will now have eight small triangles when unfolded.
5. Now is the time to decorate you pinwheel. Every other triangle will be folded inward so we decorated both sides of our pinwheel with confetti.
6. Cut the folds on the four corners of the square, making sure to leave about a half inch uncut in the center.
7. Begin with the bottom left triangle and fold it inward toward the center of the pinwheel. Move counterclockwise folding every other triangle toward the center. Once you’ve gathered all the corners secure them with a pin.
8. Flip the pinwheel over and use the beads fill in any extra space between the end of the pin and the eraser of the pencil. Adding the beading allows the pinwheel to easily spin. Push the end of the pin into the pencil eraser.

Colorful Pinwheel

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Spinning Pinwheel

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