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  • Meet Bay Area Staff

    Fly Guy In-training – Jake

    Jake is following in his sister’s footsteps and learning the ropes in the family business. He’s already an expert jewelry maker and crafty little guy! When Jake’s not scooping beads at birthday parties or helping little ones at camp, he enjoys being outdoors. Jake plays baseball with the San Francisco Little League, is on the … Read more

  • Meet Bay Area Staff

    Fly Girl Profile – Sabine

    Meet our Project Ideas Tester and Birthday Parties and Camps Instructor Sabine! Sabine loves rock climbing and reading—particularly about politics and social justice issues. Sabine feels working at Dragonfly Designs is perfect job for her because she loves to do craft projects. Sabine makes her own jewelry and has recently taken up knitting. Sabine’s favorite … Read more

  • Meet Bay Area Staff

    Fly Girl Profile – Giana

    Meet our Birthday Parties Instructor Giana! Giana is a student at UCSD and leads a team that hosts Dragonfly Design’s parties in San Diego. When she’s not hosting parties, Giana enjoys volleyball, going to the beach, and participating in events with her sorority. Giana’s favorite part of working for Dragonfly Designs is seeing kids’ unique … Read more

  • Meet Bay Area Staff

    Fly Girl Profile – Bryn

    Meet our Birthday Parties, After School Programs, and Camps Instructor Bryn! Bryn loves to be social. Her favorite times are spent swimming or hanging out with family and friends. She can even communicate in three different languages! Bryn’s fluent in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Bryn’s favorite project to teach her students is how to make … Read more

  • Meet Bay Area Staff

    Fly Girl – Roxy

    This explorer loves getting out and seeing different places and learning about the things that make certain places so unique. Roxy is an art and jewelry teacher at Dragonfly and helps kids learn about different art forms and handy jewelry-making techniques. Her favorite part about working at Dragonfly is seeing the smiles on kids faces … Read more

    • Kara
    • 18 May
  • Meet Bay Area Staff

    Fly Girl – Jovana

    With Jovana’s creative skills, we’ll always have well-designed communication materials for the world to see. Her favorite part about working for Dragonfly Designs is making sure that the visuals she creates are clean and neat, but still fun and easy to understand! This fly girl never really takes a break from work, and enjoys traveling … Read more

    • Kara
    • 01 Jun
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