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  • DIY Projects
    Jewelry Making

    Beaded Flower Tutorial

    Beads are great for making jewelry but they can also be used to make beaded flowers, just in time for spring! This is the perfect project to engage the whole family. There are countless options for beaded flowers, and it’s possible to make very ornate beaded flowers with just a few items. However, for this … Read more

  • Jewelry Making

    New DIY Jewelry Making Kit

    We have been receiving a bunch of requests for DIY kits, so we made it happen! Now you can ship these to your loved ones near and far and give them a little taste of the fabulous fun we have at our in-person parties! If you’re keeping it local, these DIY Jewelry Making Kits can be used … Read more

    • Kara
    • 06 Apr
  • Jewelry Making

    How To Make Paper Beads

    Jewelry making is a fun and creative activities for children and adults. If you are just starting out this is the perfect project for you. With a few materials, including recycled materials from around the house, you can create unique beads and learn the fun of jewelry making. In this tutorial we walk through the … Read more

  • DIY Projects
    Jewelry Making

    DIY Wind Chime

    Let’s create something beautiful! It’s summer the beautiful time of year to spend more time outdoors! On your next nature hike or camping trip, collect a few branches that catch your eye and create these DIY Wind Chimes! My daughter Sabine was inspired to create this beautiful wind chime project after our annual family trip … Read more

    • Kara
    • 22 Aug
  • Jewelry Making

    Beaded Dragonfly Earrings

    Come create these lifesize beaded dragonflies with us! Dragonflies. Their name comes from an ancient belief that they were once actual dragon’s. (For the record we’re not here to argue.) If you look up the symbolism of dragonflies across the world and throughout history they have quite an impressive resume. Try it and you will … Read more

    • Kara
    • 11 Sep
  • Jewelry Making

    DIY Wrap Bracelet or Necklace

    Necklace? Bracelet? Both?… Brilliant! We’ve all seen a cute wrap bracelet, but there are so few people that know how to create one that matches their exact style — we’ve made a DIY Guide so you can create away! A few years ago a different leather version of wrap bracelets were very popular. They are … Read more

    • Kara
    • 31 Jan
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