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    Create paper roses

    We love paper roses as a Valentine’s Day gift for mom, aunts and grandmothers, and as home decor. Paper roses are easy to make and turn out much more chic than the simple instructions suggest. They require limited supplies—just some craft paper, a pen, scissors, and glue! This is also a great project for kids … Read more

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    Jewelry Making

    Beaded Flower Tutorial

    Beads are great for making jewelry but they can also be used to make beaded flowers, just in time for spring! This is the perfect project to engage the whole family. There are countless options for beaded flowers, and it’s possible to make very ornate beaded flowers with just a few items. However, for this … Read more

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    Dyeing Easter Eggs Naturally

    SPRING! It’s such a wonderful time of year…Bunnies and flowers and little baby ducklings all lined up faithfully following their mom to brand new adventures. And Easter of course–with it’s gathering of friends and family, special treats and old traditions. No matter what your individual customs are one of the hallmarks this time of year … Read more

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    Make a pinwheel that spins

    Pinwheels add cheer to a lawn or can be used in planter boxes on the front porch as a way to welcome guests. They’re easy to make following the instructions below and a fun afternoon craft with kids. There’s no need to pick up additional supplies because this project uses common household items like a … Read more

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    5 DIY Ideas for Mother’s Day

    5 DIY ideas that’ll have mom feeling extra loved on Mother’s Day, from start to finish. Bedside Blossoms Start mom’s morning off with a bloom. Handmade roses are the perfect bedside gift that’ll have your mom feeling extra loved, from the moment she wakes up. Swap traditional store-bought bouquets, for flowers made with love and … Read more

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    • 02 May
  • DIY Projects

    How To Make a Kite for Kids

    Flying a kite is a great excuse to get outside on a windy day. This kite is made from a light and wind-catching kitchen trash bag and other common household items. Its simple diamond-shaped frame makes it easy to create, with time to spare to enjoy the great outdoors. Add ribbons, beads, and art to … Read more

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