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  • DIY Projects

    Create a nourishing face mask

    An all-natural face mask is an easy after school or weekend activity for both kids and adults. This mask incorporates just four ingredients but has many skin benefits. Bentonite clay draws toxins out of the skin, witch hazel reduces inflammation and redness, turmeric aids with the harmful effects of sun exposure and gives skin a … Read more

  • Dragonfly Services

    Ladies’ jewelry-making get-together with our DIY kit

    We love get-togethers with girlfriends. Whether it’s going out to dinner, a movie, or drinks at a friend’s home, time catching up with the girls is always rejuvenating. The Bead Bash kit provides a different take on Ladies’ Night that still incorporates our favorite part of getting together with the girls—good food and conversation. The … Read more

  • DIY Projects

    5 DIY Ideas for Mother’s Day

    5 DIY ideas that’ll have mom feeling extra loved on Mother’s Day, from start to finish. Bedside Blossoms Start mom’s morning off with a bloom. Handmade roses are the perfect bedside gift that’ll have your mom feeling extra loved, from the moment she wakes up. Swap traditional store-bought bouquets, for flowers made with love and … Read more

    • Kara
    • 02 May
  • DIY Projects

    Make a pinwheel that spins

    Pinwheels add cheer to a lawn or can be used in planter boxes on the front porch as a way to welcome guests. They’re easy to make following the instructions below and a fun afternoon craft with kids. There’s no need to pick up additional supplies because this project uses common household items like a … Read more

  • DIY Projects

    Make a birdseed ornament

    During the colder winter months we enjoy seeing birds fluttering about from our kitchen window. Winter is often the time when food is scarce for birds, so hanging a birdseed ornament provides much-needed nourishment for our flying friends. Birdseed ornaments can be customized to where you live by selecting birdseed for birds found in your … Read more

  • DIY Projects

    Create paper roses

    We love paper roses as a Valentine’s Day gift for mom, aunts and grandmothers, and as home decor. Paper roses are easy to make and turn out much more chic than the simple instructions suggest. They require limited supplies—just some craft paper, a pen, scissors, and glue! This is also a great project for kids … Read more

  • Meet Bay Area Staff

    Fly Girl Profile – Anh

    Meet our Parties Instructor, Anh! Anh is a lifelong learner and loves to travel so she can experience new people and cultures. She also likes frighteningly scary movies, but surprisingly is very afraid of ghosts. Anh’s favorite part of working for Dragonfly Designs is hosting birthday parties. She enjoys all the projects during these special … Read more