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BLING in the New Year! How to Host a Jewelry Making + Cocktail Party

A christmas card with the words new year surrounded by greenery.

Are you ready to party like it’s the end of the decade?!

Funny hats ✔️ 

Confetti ✔️ 

Photo Props ✔️ 

Noisy Horns  ✔️

Super fun activity

Delectable Cocktail X

Don’t worry – we’ve got those last two items taken care of! After all, you want the party to peak before the giant ball drop in Times Square. The best get-together is one that gives your friends something to do. Have you ever found yourself at a party, tidying up in the kitchen because otherwise you’d be standing in the corner?! The hostess may appreciate your dishwashing skills but you aren’t going to make any memories. So, for your New Year’s bash, let’s shake things up! 

Try kicking things off with an icebreaker game like Two Truths and a Lie. Going around the room, each guest states three facts about themselves – two are true and one is false. The others ask questions to determine which is the funny fib! Once everyone is relaxed, it’s a perfect time for a creative activity. We’ve put together a detailed, jewelry making party tutorial that’ll give you more time to focus on the important stuff (like what you’re going to wear). Add in a gold or silver-rimmed, Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail from Dell Cove Spices and girl, you are ready to usher in 2020!

Jewelry Making Party Group

How to Host Your Own Jewelry Making + Cocktail Party:

Trust me, with our expertise hosting your own bead bash will be a breeze. Before you rally the troops, you have to round up the materials!

What You Need to Host Your Own Jewelry Making + Cocktail Party:

Adjust the amount of each item you have below based on your party size! If you have questions feel free to contact us, or if this feels a little overwhelming, check out our DIY Jewelry Party Kit. It has all the materials you’ll need! 


1-3 plastic bead organizers (or more for really large groups – organized by color pallet)

1 Adult sized measuring chart template per guest 

A 3-piece Pliers Set per adult who is designated to finish off the jewelry that the whole group is making – Round nose, chain nose, flush cutters (all projects can be completed with these pliers alone)

2-3 small individual bead containers per guest; we recommend small sushi dishes (to keep the beads off your carpet!) 

Bead scooping spoons (1-2)

Jewelry gift pouches to store completed handmade jewelry – 1 per guest (optional)

Some inspirational images to spark your imagination (optional)


Flexible beading wire; for stringing beads (brands include Softflex, Accu-Flex, Beadalon)

Extra flexible beading wire; have an extra 100’ spool on hand

Beads n’ things!:

A color-coordinated assortment of beads.

Charms Selection – 1- 3 per guest/per piece of jewelry being created (As an alternative to charms, you can use large beautiful focal beads & fancy clasps as in the examples shown)

Focal Bead selection (optional)

Metal Spacer & Accent Beads; we love incorporating metal spacer beads into our designs! 

Jump rings (to attach the charms)

Bead Stoppers (optional, but super handy especially if you are creating multiple strand pieces of jewelry)

Pro-Tip: you can use tape in a pinch but it makes the beading wire sticky

2 – 4 Crimp beads per piece of jewelry to be created

How to Begin Your Jewelry Making + Cocktail Party (Pre-Party Prep): 

Before you’re awesome party, you must practice, practice, practice! We highly suggest practicing making jewelry so when you’re creating with your guests, they not only have samples to look at, but an expert (a.k.a. you! ) to guide them.

After you’ve practiced, maybe gather some jewelry inspo for your guests from what you’ve already made or possibly from pinterest. A creative nudge is perfect to get your guests into the artistic mood. 

If you want to make this party so much easier and than it already is, put together ready to bead bracelets and neckwires (1-2 per guest). That way everyone can flow into their next project when they finish their first. No more scrambling to start! 

Another pro-tip! If you’re not going to be finishing everyone’s jewelry, leave out devices they can use to search jewelry techniques so they can complete their project on their own AND learn a new skill. You could even send them links to make it even simpler! 

Last but not least, we highly recommend some form of refreshments to prevent the most disastrous party mishap of all – hangry beaders (oh my)! 

If you’re looking for even more party details so you can be the perfect host – check out this blog! Now let’s get started on your out-of-this-world Cocktails!

Jewelry Making Party


Pomegranate Champagne Recipe from Dell Cove Spices

Click here for a yummy drink recipe that they’ll be talking about until next New Year’s Eve! 

Pomegranate Champagne New Years Recipe

Ingredients for Pomegranate Champagne:

– 4 oz pomegranate juice

– 1 bottle (750 mL) Prosecco or Champagne or sparkling wine (chilled)

– simply syrup (for moistening glass rims)

– Dell Cove Spices’ Metallic Silver or Gold Cocktail Rim Sugar

Instruction for Making Pomegranate Champagne:

– Moisten the rims of your chilled glasses with simply soup and garnish with Dell Cove Spices’ Metallic Silver or Gold cocktail rim sugar.

– Add 2 T of juice to each glass. Top with the wine and service immediately.

– Optional: Add fresh pomegranate seeds to each glass as an extra garnish.

Show us the pics from your Jewelry Making + Cocktail Party! ????We hope it becomes a favorite tradition for New Year’s! Let’s keep the party going on social media @hellodragonflyfun