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Beaded Snowflake + Candy Cane Martini

Two snowflake earrings hanging from a branch.

We’re all so busy chasing the extraordinary that we forget to stop and be grateful for the ordinary.

  -Brené Brown

If you’re still dazed from a week filled with cyber shopping or mad dashes to the grocery store, give yourself a gift – the gift of not being busy! Have you noticed that we are more likely to answer ‘busy’ than ‘fine’ when someone asks how we are doing? Somewhere along the line, being frantic became equated with accomplishing something! (What’s up with that?!) Thankfully, while the holidays can definitely add to the craziness, they also give us a reason to spend time with family and friends and channel our stress into creativity (it beats swiping that debit card). 

Our Beaded Snowflake + Candy Cane Martini activity is your perfect excuse to slow down and get into the spirit of the season! We’ve taken the fuss out of gathering materials with our Beaded Snowflake DIY Kit, so just sit back, sip your drink, and get crafting. This activity is a perfect alternative to a white elephant gift exchange. Set up tables and have guests make these adorable snowflakes (as decorations, earrings, or even ornaments). Add your favorite spirits to this Candy Cane Martini from Dell Cove Spices for a toe-tingling cocktail.  Use festive rim sugars like Candy Cane to take any drink to the next level! Or, get the kids involved and have them make beaded ornaments for their teacher, coach or friends. The minty beverage also works great as a “mocktail.” 

 Whether it’s a festive holiday party or an idyllic party-for-one, this project will have you humming
Fa La La La La! And, the next time someone asks how you are doing, you can exclaim, “Great! I spent the day crafting!”

Candy Cane Martini Recipe From Dell Cove Spices:

– Candy Cane Infused Vodka – 4 Oz
– Peppermint Schnapps – 2 Oz
– Ice
– Candy Cane Cocktail Rim Sugar
– Vodka – 3 Cups
– 20 Miniature Candy Canes

Directions for Candy Cane Infused Vodka:
– Pour vodka into large jar with airtight lid. Add the candy canes and seal the jar. Let the vodka stand up 24 to 48 hours, shaking periodically. Strain liquids through a fine-mesh strainer and into a clean jar to store.
– Rim chilled glasses with cocktail rim sugar. Set aside. Next, add liquids into ice filled shaker. Cover the shaker and shake well, until the shaker is frosted. Strain into glasses and serve.
Bar Supplies:
– Cocktail shaker
– Martini glasses (chilled)
– Candy Cane Cocktail Rim Sugar

Dell Cove Spices Candy Cane Martini

Beaded Snowflake DIY Materials:

– 14 inches of 24 gauge (“dead soft”) wire

– variety of Beads (we prefer ones that are transparent/white)

Don’t want to get the materials yourself? We have a ready-made kit just for you!

Beaded Snowflake Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1: Cut a length of 24 gauge, “dead soft” beading wire (look for that term on the packaging – these wires are the easiest to work with for this project) in a color that matches your desired snowflake design. For a snowflake that has six spikes that are all one inch long, you’ll need about 14 inches of wire. For a larger snowflake, with 2-inch-long spikes, you’d need twice that length.

Step 1 Beaded Snowflake

For the instructions, I’ll demonstrate this technique on a smaller snowflake. If you’re making a larger one, make sure that you’re sizing up your measurements!

Step 2: Start by deciding on your bead pattern.

Step 3: String on your first set of beads. Place the bead you want to be in the center of the snowflake on first, about two inches from the end of your cut piece of wire.

Step 2 Beaded Snowflake

Step 4: Select the rest of the beads for the design of your snowflake spine, and gently bead them on the wire one by one, ending with the bead that you wish to be on the tip of the snowflake.

Step 5: Once you have all your desired beads on take the end of your long piece of wire, and gently feed it through all your beads, except for the one that will be the tip of the snowflake. This might take some patience, but slow and steady wins the race here! Once your wire is all the way through the beads, the tip bead will be affixed in a small loop.

Step 5 Beaded Snowflake

Step 6: There will be a long and a short piece of wire sticking out from your beaded design. Take the long piece of wire, and string on all the beads of your pattern – make sure that you start with the bead that is in the middle of the design, and finish with the one on the tip.

Step 6 Beaded Snowflake

Step 7: Once you have all the beads on the wire, take the remaining piece of wire, repeat step 5 by gently feeding it through all the beads you just put on, except for the one that’s on the tip of the design.

Step 8: Slowly pull through all the wire – to make sure that the spikes of your snowflake are right next to each other, gently hold on to both the first and second spike with your thumb. This will stop the beads from moving around as you pull on the wire.

Step 9: Repeat steps 7 through 9 four more times, until you have created all six spikes of your snowflake .

Step 8 Beaded Snowflake

Step 10: To finish your beaded snowflake, wrap the two ends of your beading wire together, and along the base of the spikes of the snowflake. Tuck the ends into one of the beads at the base of your snowflake, and with that, you’re done!

Step 10A Beaded Snowflake

Step 10B beaded snowflake

Step 11: This step is optional, but you can use jump rings and a length of organza ribbon to create a hanger to decorate your home with. You could even attach ear wires to a smaller snowflake to create a beautiful seasonal accessory!

Step 11A Beaded snowflake

Step 11B Beaded Snowflake

Step 11C Beaded Snowflake

What is your favorite way to unplug during the holiday madness? Show us how you used the Beaded Snowflake + Candy Cane Martini project to spread holiday cheer! Please share with us on social media @hellodragonflyfun