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Afterschool Programs


Art has the role in education of helping children become more like themselves instead of more like everybody else. -Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

Did you know our popular Art Classes and Afterschool Enrichment programs are available to students at their school and through your local Parks & Rec? We also offer onsite Weekend Workshops at our San Mateo Studio! We believe all children should have access to holistic art education and artistic expression! Our thoughtfully designed and time-tested curriculum provides an engaging, tactile and rewarding experience that is critical to healthy cognitive and emotional development. Dragonfly Designs instructors are college-educated, many with advanced degrees in the arts, and love working with kids!

Our goal is to create a calming, inclusive space where children can unplug from technology, connect with others, and feel the freedom to explore their individual creativity. And, did we mention it’s SUPER FUN?! From Jewelry Making & Design and Leatherworking & Metalsmithing to Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation, there is a class theme to appeal to every interest!

To bring our mobile camps or afterschool enrichment programs to your school,
please contact Stacee Gillelen at (650) 303-1900 (or) email
or complete the School Enrichment Program Application


Afterschool Enrichment Sessions

  • We offer class sessions in conjunction with each school program’s afterschool calendar.
  • For a calendar of onsite programs at our San Mateo Studio, please click here
  • A Dragonfly Designs instructor brings all materials which are included in the cost of the class. We can collect our own materials fees or registrations on behalf of your program if desired.
  • Minimum: 8 Students; Maximum 12 – 25+ (when possible or deemed necessary, assistant instructors are provided for larger class sizes of approximately 13+ participants).

Facility Needs

  • We can work in any classroom and adjust to available space. Ideally, we like to work in art rooms where children can sit in chairs around 1-2 tables.
  • For specific classes we need access to a water source in the room
  • It’s helpful to have a whiteboard for project explanation. We can bring a small board if not provided by the facility.
  • We begin each day in circle time, so a carpeted area is preferred.
  • Multi-purpose rooms are optimal for Dance, Yoga, and movement classes.

Instructor Qualifications

  • Our instructors are college educated, many with advanced degrees in the arts.
  • All employees of Dragonfly Designs are fingerprinted with FBI & DOJ background checks.
  • All instructors carry current TB tests.
  • Dragonfly Designs carries required insurance.

Dragonfly Philosophy

Dragonfly Design offers programs that foster a sense of creativity and encourage out-of-the-box thinking. We create fun experiences that provide children with a sense of accomplishment and empower them to affect positive change within themselves and their communities through art-based activities.